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Clandestine Blaze

CB has seen the growth of black metal scene since the 2nd generation of black metal to current state, where invasion of opportunist rock musicians and labels try to take all advantage of the so called scene.This new modern, commercial form of "black metal" has nothing to do with CB.

CB is strictly underground black metal. CB is not aiming for contracts with big labels, getting very well known, posing for magazines or in any other way following the standards of rock music. Our primary goals are personal satisfaction through the art, delivering the violent anti-christian / anti-religious feelings and spreading our music among dedicated people and also to new audience without turning to commercial business.

Clandestine Blaze plays hard and distorted black metal without dozens of multi-layered guitars or over-complicated song structures, synthesizers or clear vocals. Major influences can be found from bands such as Darkthrone, Bathory, Burzum, Beherit etc. Primitive style of music is 100% intended and not lack of skills, or any other pathetic reason. CB is not interested in playing symphonic-/ neo-black metal. Songs vary from fast to mid-paced and slower ones. Unsophisticated, raw and primitve, but still powerful production finish the style to reach exactly what CB ever wanted to be.

Some people have labeled Clandestine Blaze as "old school" black metal. But this defination brings slight doupt of CB being cheesy "retro band" and that is not the case. CB is close to early 90's nordic style, and I would not consider that very "old school". It might be that only for kids who hardly was born back then and to them it feels like "ancient" past.To me it feels more like yesterday! Early 90's style raw and primitive black metal is still strong and alive in 2000. It never died or faded away it is not the past! Even if sweet "neo-black metal" /darkmetal is infesting the "scene", hard black metal music will not die.

CB is about anti-christianity, hatred, retribution, directed violence, anti-religious, anti-zionist, and so on. Mostly it is said clearly without too much of artistic touch, but occasionally some symbolism is used to create difference to lyrics. Lyrics are available only by asking directly from Northern Heritage. Not printed in record sleeves.

Early material with raw versions & different versions of demo tracks was never released. In 1998 Clandestine Blaze released self titled demo tape with intro+outro and 5 tracks. Tape has sold out (100 copies). This tape received rather good response from people who managed to get it. There wasn't send almost any promo copies to anywhere and only couple hundred flyers made as advertising.

In spring 1999 Clandestine Blaze recorded debut LP/CD titled "Fire Burns In Our Hearts". LP was published as 1st edition of 200 copies by Northern Heritage (sold out) and CD version licensed to Extreme-Subterranean (USA). Album includes 38 minutes of hard black metal. Music is produced to distorted and grim style, and album is opened and closed with deep massive intro and outro.

LP/CD release is followed with "On The Mission" 7" release (which is also part of V/A Northern Heritage 5 x 7" box). Sound is a bit more clear and thinner, but still distorted, rough and powerful. Autumn 1999 Clandestine Blaze is recorded new exclusive track for compilation LP to be released by End All Life prod (Fra) during 2000.

Clandestine Blaze "Night Of The Unholy Flames" album was recorded in march 2000. Almost 45 minutes of new material, heavier and stronger sound than ever before. Although sound must be the cleanest so far, it's far from polished and faceless studio production! CD version will be on Northern Heritage and LP on End All Life prod.

All contacts through Northern Heritage. (Note: free promo material will not be sended, invitations for compilations most likely will not be accepted. If you intend to write because of this, do not waste your time!)

Northern Heritage - PL 21 15141 Lahti - Finland (Do not send spam/junk mail!)

Clandestine Blaze Discography:

demo 1998 ltd 100 sold out
"Fire Burns In Our Hearts" LP/CD 1999 vinyl ltd 200 sold out
"On The Mission" 7" 1999 ltd 200 sold out
V/A "Northern Heritage" 5x7" box 1999 ltd 100 sold out V/A
"Black Metal Blitzkrieg" LP not released yet
"Night Of The Unholy Flames" LP/CD not released yet

Besides official releases, there exist several unreleased tracks. It's not decided yet will these "left- over" tracks ever see the daylight.

- Clandestine Blaze

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