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List updated: 20.10.2005


Angmar: The Razorblade Redemption
(Fin) Black Metal. 5 EUR

Burialmound: Black Death (Fin,01) Black death!!! 5 EUR

Cerebral Turbulency: Germ of Error (Cze) Hyper intensive grind gore witn touches of hc, death, ym. 5EUR

Deivos: Hostile Blood (Pol)  Brutal Death Metal. 5 EUR

Diabolical: Deserts of Desolation
(MCD)(Swe) Black Metal. 5EUR

Disgorge: Necrholocaust (Mex) 3rd album of these mexican gods of the devastating ultra-brutal Gore Death/ Grind on planet earth! Undoubtely their best album ever with a much better production! They're killing again! 10 EUR

Funeral Feast: Genocide Ad Nauseam (Fin,03) The most promising Death/Black Metal band is here with their debut album. Blackened Death Metal filled with blasphemy and hate. 5 EUR

Unearthly Affinity (Usa,03) Brutal Unholy Death Metal from Florida in the vein of early Incantation, Immolation and Infamy. 5 EUR

Jesus Laceration: Of the Spirit and the Sun (Fin) Back on stock. ...Great Black/Death Metal. 5EUR

Kharon: Raised By Hellish Demons (MCD) (Nor) Black Metal. 5EUR

Misanthropic: Soulreaver (Ger) Debut album of this german band that plays a mixture of old school and modern Death Metal. 5 EUR

Sanatorium: Internal Womb Cannibalism (Slo) Death Metal. 5EUR

Soulcide/Nuclear Winter: Misantrophy/Beyond The Nought
(Bel/Rus) Godless Dark Metal versus Dark Ambience & Black Nuclear Metal. 5EUR

Wasteform: Ignorance Through Sovereignty (Usa)2nd album of this brutal Death Metal band. Heavy, fast and slamming riffs with influences from bands like Skinless, Suffocation,Pyrexia, Dying Fetus. 5 EUR


Forever Winter: demo 2002 (Fin) Raw and Grim ug heavy. 2 EUR

O/Flauros: split tape(Fin,00) Back on stock. Black Metal. Pro covers + tape. Limited to 300. 2  EUR

Vorkuta: Where Only Darkness Dwells
(Hun,04) Pure Black Metal. Pro covers + tapes. Limited to 100. 2 EUR

Vinyls: (All vinyls are limited editions even if it is not mentioned in description)

Centinex: Diabolical Desolation LP (Swe) Death Metal. Limited to 1000 copies. 5 EUR+postage

In Aeternum: The Pestilent Plague LP
(Swe) Death Metal. 5 EUR+ postage


Other stuff:

Cerebral Turbulency: Germ Of Error t-shirt (white) Logo and picture in front and back.7 EUR

Second-hand stuff:


Ordering Info:

All prices includes postage and packing if payment comes in cash with ordering. We dont take
resbonsibility of troubles by post. Outside Finland add 1EUR for postage per item.

- No pre-emptions.  Remember to list alternatives!
When ordering 10" or LP records add 5EUR per item.
-Tilatessa vain yhden tuotteen (10"+ LP hinnat alla) lisää postikuluihin 1 EUR.

Jos tilaat (Suomeen) yhden tai useamman LP:n tai 10":n lisää summaan 6 EUR postikuluja. (Tilatessa vain yhden 10" levyn lisää postikuluihin vain 4 EUR)
- Postiennakolla ei toimiteta noutamattomien tilausten johdosta.
- Tilinsiirto mahdollinen. Kysy.

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